How to Setup Contactless Delivery for Your Restaurant

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If you run a restaurant, you may have heard about contactless food delivery, but don’t know how to set it up for your business. This innovative technology allows customers to order their favorite foods without making any physical contact. This eliminates the need for signatures and cash payments, which is especially beneficial for customers who are more vulnerable to diseases caused by COVID-19. This new technology makes it easy for you to promote your restaurant to customers, while maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction.

How to Setup Contactless Delivery for Your Restaurant

Many restaurants have begun using this technology to improve customer service, which is becoming more popular. By avoiding physical contact with the delivery person, you reduce the risk of transmission of coronavirus to your customers. You should also offer your customers a way to opt out of receiving a delivery, or provide a place to add delivery instructions. For more information on this innovation, check out the latest restaurant technology.

Adding contactless delivery to your menu is a great way to improve your business. Besides offering a more convenient and reliable service for customers, this technology helps reduce the chances of the spread of the deadly COVID-19 virus. However, it is important to provide a way to opt out of receiving a delivery by phone or leaving a note with special instructions. Similarly, it’s important to train staff on how to arrange food, pack and deliver it using this technology.

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